Live podcasting

Live podcasting at your event

Live podcasting at your event brings a new dimension to the experience of any conference. Recording your guests is a great way of extended branding and reach beyond the days of the event. With additional options like LinkedIn Live streaming, additional audience and likeminded people are connected and inspired to create more recognition. Episodes are edited and published on the Mastering Agility series, listened to in over 125 countries.


  1. Q&A Sessions and interviews
  2. Fireside chat and panels
  3. Big events or celebrations
  4. Keynotes, panels, or presentations


  1. Full podcasting equipment
  2. Up to four microphones
  3. Recordings published on the Mastering Agility podcast series
  4. Standard roll-out banner displaying Mastering Agility and its sponsors

What the guests said

“I’ve had the opportunity to be interviewed by Sander on topics ranging from Agile to mental health. He created space, listened and contributed to provide the best experience for not only the audience, but also for me. Times flies by when I’m speaking with Sander – a good sign or great conversation.”

Additional options:

  1. LinkedIn Live video streaming
  2. Conference logo displayed on the roll up banner
  3. Conference sponsors mentioned during the episode


  1. Suggested guests
  2. Internet connection
  3. Location at the conference floor or room with a (standing) table
  4. Power
  5. Episodes shared on event social media

Example video

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