Current give-aways

ALMOST CHRISTMAS TIME! And what would be better than getting a present? Next week Formula 1 Performance Engineer Ernesto Desiderio joins the Mastering Agility podcast to discuss what this means, how he lived Romain Grosjean‘s terrifying crash last year, and what he sees as the “Perception-Decision-Reaction process”.

What do you need to do? Tell or show us about your favorite personal experience with Formula 1! That’s it! Drop your submissions in this thread or submit them right here:

Together with the authors of Zombie Scrum Survival Guide, we’re giving away a Plus Edition! Listen to the episode with Johannes Schartau and Christiaan Verwijs to find out how you can win this awesome set!

Past give-aways

Andy Hiles just released his book “Applying Scrum with Kanban: A Pointless Book”, and he’s giving away signed copies! Andy has been able to write this book as if he were having a casual chat with you in the bar, yet able to get across the use of both Scrum and Kanban. 

Answers have been overwhelming and have been sent from out the entire world! Ultimately Patrycja Gorka and Teymur Zeynalov took away the win!


A signed copy of the book “Scrum Master: The Agile Training Seminar For Business Performance” by Joe Justice has been won by Epameinodas Anastasiou. Congrats Nodas, enjoy the book!

Carsten Lutzen, playful Agile Coach at the LEGO group, has set us up with this awesome Apollo V rocket! For more information on the Apollo itself, check right here.

What did we need you guys to do? Go to our LinkedIn post on this giveaway and tell us about a failure you had and how you learned from that. Carsten himself picked Jeroen de Jong as the winner! Congrats again Jeroen!