About the show

In order to remain relevant, organizations need to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Delivery of value, rapid learning, hyper-innovation, threats of competitors, engagement of employees, all these factors contribute to the success of any company. This podcast series inspires listeners to improve their practice situation.

Mastering Agility Podcast Theme

What is Mastering Agility

Mastering Agility is a podcast series to aims to inspire listeners to drive value, improve the way they work, and how they are able to adapt in complex environments. Topics discussed vary widely, depending on the guest speaker(s). Whether it’s about people, framework, technical challenges, user experience, if it relates to business agility, it will be discussed in this podcast.

Season 1 includes 20 full episodes, that range between 30-55 minutes each. 

Mastering Agility is free to listen to and is currently advertisement-free. Future support will include Patreon options.

Could this show be something for me?

The format of Mastering Agility is informal and freestyle. Conversations flow as they come and do not have a preset of questions. Every now and then there are episodes where people can send in their questions for specific guests, and there are regular giveaways. Past give-aways include new books (signed by their author), an Apollo V Lego Set, and a Zombie Scrum Survival Kit.

If you’re working in an Agile environment and want to get more ideas on how and what you can improve, this show is for you!

Is the show suitable for children?

Yes, there are no inappropriate topics being discussed. The language and material are probably too complex for children to comprehend.

Release schedule

New shows are being released every Monday at 12PM, taking 24 hours into account for directory synchronization. Communication about new episodes is being done on Tuesdays on social platforms and Fridays via the newsletter.
Every episode includes show notes that contain more information about the episode, guest, host, and additional information, and links. 

About the host

 Sander Dur is an aspiring PST ( trainer, certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC), Release Train Engineer (RTE), Professional Scrum Master (PSM III), certified Product Owner, and Agile (team) coach.

He gained experience as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and Leadership consultant in many different top-tier organizations, including Nike and ASML.

 Sander is enthusiastic, open-minded, and ambitious. He finds interpersonal relationships and intrinsic motivations very important in team dynamics. Besides his work, Sander loves to spend time with his family, enjoys sport and eating healthy, barbecuing, riding his motorcycle, and traveling. 

Listeners and stats

As of November 2021, Mastering Agility has:

  • Over 5000 unique downloads
  • 30 guests from the absolute top of the business
  • Listeners in over 95 countries, including:

The United States, Japan, Australia, Senegal, Azarbaijan, Poland, Russia, Argentina, Jordan, the Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica, India, and Germany.

Reviews and testimonials

Both listeners and guests love the Mastering Agility podcast! Check out some of the testimonials on the homepage, or reviews on Podchaser. The show averages a 5-star review!

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