PAL-EBM with Magdalena Firlit

Peter Drucker famously said: “You can’t improve what you can’t measure”. Measurements and metrics are incredibly useful when it comes to product improvement, having the desire to get a better market position or just improvement of yourself as an individual. But then the next challenge; what to measure? And why?

Patricia Kong was a guest earlier this year to talk about EBM, but how does it relate to leadership?. Magdalena Firlit, Agile Transformation Consultant and Professional Scrum Trainer, talks to us about the PAL-EBM (Professional Agile Leadership Management with Evidence-Based Management) framework. 

What you’ll discover in this show:

–        You can start creating metrics at any time
–        It’s a dialogue between (top-level) management and teams, not a top-down approach
–        Measuring less than all four Key Value Areas leaves out great potential data

Magdalena Firlit
Agile Transformation Consultant

I am a Professional Scrum Trainer, Agile transformation consultant, trainer, mentor, life and business coach (graduated postgraduate university course in coaching (ICF compliant) and training. I am also a lecturer at the Universities teaching a postgraduate course for managers “Holilider”, Introduction to Agile and Agile Leadership. 

I gained many years of professional experience, working for several companies, observing their Agility path. I specialize in Agile transformation. I cooperate with organizations of various sizes (large, medium, small, start-ups) and with all levels – from teams to C-level. It is most important to me to understand company needs, why do they want to change, what benefits does the transformation brings.

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Sander Dur (host)
Scrum Master, Agile Coach, trainer, and podcast host for ‘Mastering Agility”
Sander Dur is a business agility enthusiast, with a passion for people. Whether it’s healthy product development, agile leadership, measurement, or psychological safety, Sander has the drive to enable organizations to the best of their abilities. He is an avid article writer, working on a book about Scrum Mastery from the Trenches, and is connecting listeners with the most influential people in the industry.

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