Starting with Self-Management with Stephanie Ockerman


A few episodes ago, Jordan Gross and Ziryan Salayi joined us to talk about the self-management recipe. In my own experience, it can be incredibly hard to start doing self-management right. What makes it so hard is that the discussion about what we can expect from self-managing teams and what the common understanding is, is being skipped. Today author, self-management expert, and Co-Active Coach Stephanie Ockerman joins to talk about how organizations can start doing it right.

What you’ll discover in this show:

–        Self-management is supported by a good level of self-awareness

–        Self-management can be seen as a three-legged stool; Shared goals, boundaries, and clear responsibilities

–        Starting without being aligned on expectations can lead you in different directions

Stephanie Ockerman
Professional Scrum Trainer, Coach, Learning Experience Creator

I combine my expertise in agile product delivery, Co-Active coaching, facilitation, experiential training, project management, and leadership to help individuals, teams, and organizations deliver valuable products in a complex and unpredictable world. 

My Superpowers:
–        Keen Observation – I pick up on what’s not being said.  I am intuitive.
–        Passion and Determination – I work hard for work that matters.  I’m resilient and keep moving forward.
–        Laser Focus – I remove distractions.  I frequently reflect on alignment.
–        Organization – I move easily between seeing the whole and breaking down the details.
–        Generosity – I take care of myself, so I can operate at my best and better serve others.
–        Compassionately Direct – I appreciate transparency and direct communication while respecting our humanity.
 Contact Stephanie Ockerman:  

Sander Dur (host)
Scrum Master, Agile Coach, trainer, and podcast host for ‘Mastering Agility”

Sander Dur is a business agility enthusiast, with a passion for people. Whether it’s healthy product development, agile leadership, measurement, or psychological safety, Sander has the drive to enable organizations to the best of their abilities. He is an avid article writer, working on a book about Scrum Mastery from the Trenches, and is connecting listeners with the most influential people in the industry.

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